Saturday, December 12, 2009

Youngest Loli Is Anime "loli" Considered Child Porn? Isn't It Illegal? Or Not?

Is anime "loli" considered child porn? Isn't it illegal? Or not? - youngest loli

I saw some pictures of anime (yes I am) an idiot, and I have some really good sites with photos and tables. I ran a gallery lolicon called "Loli, Lolikon. Then you click on it. Obviously," Loli "are images of underage girls hentai. An age group (estimate) by kid-14 may 15th but it's like in anime cartoon. I was wondering, this is not considered child pornography? "Child pornography is illegal, but is alive, as they legal or illegal?

If someone points that I wrote something, yay! I am inclined to do.

BTW I'm in the U.S., if this question is to ask whether or not in the United States illegally.


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